Comerciante Kale

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Ubicación Necrolimbo, Iglesia de Elleh
Rol Tienda de artículos generales
Interpretado por  Nabil Elouahabi

El Comerciante Kale es un Mercader y uno de los PNJs de Elden Ring. Se encuentra en Necrolimbo: Iglesia de Elleh, a pocos metros de la salida de la mazmorra inicial del juego. Apareció durante la Prueba de red.


Comerciante Kale: Ubicación

Lo encontrarás en las ruinas de la Iglesia de Elleh, en Necrolimbo. Está justo al norte del Lugar de Gracia que los jugadores se encuentran nada más abandonar la Tumba del héroe de los aledaños. [Mapa interactivo].


Comerciante Kale: Objetos a la venta



Comerciante Kale: Diálogos


  • You are a Tarnished, I can see it. And I can also see... That you're not after my throat. Then why not purchase a little something? I am Kale, Purveyor of fine goods.

About Kale

  • I am of a nomadic people. Selling wares as I travel. The land has been tainted by madness since the shattering of the Elden Ring. It's only Tarnished like yourself who keep things from drying up entirely. Let's say you're a very welcome customer.


  • You know, if you can spare the runes, you should buy yourself a crafting kit. A crafting kit allows you to make basic items on your own. Essential really, if you intend to survive out here for any duration. The kit costs a bundle, and I admit, I do take my cut. But the important thing is that you survive. Every customer counts, after all.
  • I'm glady you took my warning to heart. You've made an excellent choice. (after you buy the recommendation)

Small Talk

  • There are other of my peoples who yet survive in these lands. If the mood takes you when you meet one, then offer them some trade, won't you? My people, wanderers all, have long been spurned by the grace of gold. Which is why we cannot settle, but instead are forced into this pitiful, unceasing journey. But thanks to that, things are not so different for us now, though the Elden Ring is shattered. I think this makes us kindred spirits of sorts Your people, the Tarnished, and mine.
  • Perhaps you don't need to hear this, but... See that no harm comes to my kin. We have a saying, we wanderers. Lament not your solitude. Expect no sympathy. No regard. Nothing. But if anyone dares harm us, show them no mercy. That is our code, so to speak. Just the way we are. Deeply... unforgiving.

Howling in the Mistwood

  • "The howl of a wolf, in the Mistwood...I suppose he must still be skulking about...Mmm, I know. Why not meet him for yourself? Next time you hear the wolf's howl, make this signal right under the source. Oh, don't fret, there is nothing to fear. I just have an inkling the two of you might hit it off. "

About Blaidd

  • "Oh, then you met Blaidd, did you? Wonderful. I'm glad I pointed you in his direction. He's boorish, blunt, and couldn't find his nose with both hands, but he's a good egg. I think the two of you are sure to find the best in one another."

When Killed

  • Is this... how it ends? I'll never find...


  • Wait, weren't you? Well, you're back... Care to buy something?
  • What is it? Still going to purchase something?
  • Good-bye, for now.
  • Goody-bye. Nice to do bussiness.


Comerciante Kale: Notas y curiosidades

  • Al llegar a las Ruinas del Bosque Neblinoso escucharás el aullido de lo que parece ser un lobo. A partir de ese momento, si vuelves con Kale habrá disponible una nueva opción de diálogo que te otorgará el Gesto: "Chasquido de dedos" sin necesidad de matarlo para hacerte con él.


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