Incantations are a type of Magic in Elden Ring. Incantation Spells are often dependent on the Faith stat, and have a variety of effects from healing and curing status effects to conjuring fire or claws to deal damage in a wide area. Incantations are cast using a Sacred Seal or similar catalyst. There are a total of 11 Incantations in the Network Test.

Incantations in Elden Ring are a combination of what would be Miracles and Pyromancies from past Souls games. You will find familiar favorites, as well as new ones, and unlike Sorceries, there doesn't appear to be a trainer in the Network Test area, so you'll have to find most of these on their own.


Best Incantations in Elden Ring Network Test

  1. Beast Claw
  2. Dragonfire
  3. Heal
  4. The Flame of Frenzy
  5. Greyoll's Roar
  6. Feast Upon Flame
  7. Oh, Flame!
  8. Rejection
  9. Urgent Heal
  10. Litany of Proper Death
  11. Cure Poison


Elden Ring Incantations


Incantations Comparison Table

Incantation Name Effect FP Cost Slots Faith Req
Urgent Heal Heals a small amount of HP 16 1 8
Heal Heals HP for you and nearby allies. 32 1 12
Beast Claw Creates claws that tear through the land. 8 1 10
The Flame of Frenzy The yellow flame of frenzy bursts from your eyes. 16 1 12
Cure Poison Cures poison ailment and reduces poison bluid-up. 7 1 8
Oh, Flame! Sparks a roaring flame on your hands. 10 1 8
Rejection Produces a shockwave that pushes away foes. 9 1 10
Litany of Proper Death Deals Holy Damage especially potent against undead. 17 1 15
Feast Upon Flame Throws balls of raging fire. 14 1 12
Dragonfire Spews flaming breath with draconic power. 28 2 12
Greyoll's Roar Sounds the roar of Great Ancient Dragon Greyoll. 85 1 15


Incantations Gallery




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