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Elden Ring Walkthrough


ER Network Test Walkthrough


Stormveil Castle


Things You Do Not Want To Miss In Limgrave!




Right off the bat, when you've arrived in the region of Limgrave, the first thing you should do after speaking to the White-Faced Varré near the First Step Site of Grace is to visit the Merchant Kalé who is at the Church of Elleh, the Church of Elleh can be located at the west. But be wary when you are traveling (on foot for now) to the church since there is an optional boss, the Tree Sentinel who is roaming around. The Tree Sentinel appear as a large knight on horseback, the boss wears a shiny golden armor, both himself and the horse. If you want to challenge yourself early on, you could fight him to obtain a useful item, the Ash of War: Holy Ground, and 2900 Runes. If you do find yourself in a situation where you aggro the boss by accident, you could try to run away and keep your distance from it, however, running to the Church of Elleh will cause the boss to try and chase you and will attempt to reach you by destroying the structure of the location.

map church of elleh elden ring wiki guide 300px

Church of Elleh Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.

At the Church of Elleh is where the Merchant Kalé is, for starters, he has a couple of good items to purchase from his inventory, like the Telescope to better scout your surroundings if you are the type of player who is cautious, the Torch that will help you later on when you are exploring dark caves such as the Dissenter's CaveSpirit Ashes that will accompany you and guide you through combat, and of course the Leather Shield that has high value of physical guard. Now of course, you are short of Runes, but you can easily farm Runes by killing enemies and creatures that are roaming the region of Limgrave. Make sure to also check the Smithing Table that is near Merchant Kalé, as well as the location's Site of Grace.


Important things you can find in the Gatefront Ruins!

map gatefront ruins elden ring wiki guide 300px

Gatefront Ruins Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.

As you roam around Limgrave, one of the earliest locations you will probably encounter is the Gatefront Ruins, which is at the north side from the Church of Elleh. The area is heavily guarded by Stormveil troops here, a couple of Wolves, as well as an Elite Guard. This is where you want to test out your skills in stealth (if you are new to the game) or at least try out the combat mechanics of the game. It is entirely up to you on how you want to approach this section, however, it is, as usual recommended to head in carefully and to thin out the numbers before you fight the Eltie Guard. The Eltie Guard can easily be distinguished since he is slightly taller than the regular one and he wields a spear, a large shield, and a unique set of armor. You'll see him roaming around the center section of the site.

Also at the center section, is one of the guards that is holding a horn. You want to avoid being seen or at least kill him as soon as you can to stop him from alerting the others. You will get flustered here when the rest of the enemies are alereted since you will get outnumbered. Important things to acquire here are, the map fragment Map (Limgrave, West) which is next to a pillar at the middle section, there is also set of stairs that leads down into a crypt where you'll find a chest containing the Ash of War: Repeating Thrust, as well as a large stagecoach nearby that is guarded.

You will need to kill the single guard that is protecting it, before you can check the back to find a chest containing the Raya Lucarian Set. Also, do not forget to check the corner sections of the area, you'll find a small room that has a Crimson Crystal Tear. When you are done with the Gatefront Ruins, you can rest at the nearby Stormgate Site of Grace. And once you've discovered three sites, a cutscene will trigger where you'll meet Melina, who gives you the Spectral Steed Whistle that is used for calling your mount.


Where do I Find the Crucible Set?

If you want to grab another Armor Set, you can find one by looking for another carriage that is similar to the one you saw at the Gatefront Ruins, this one however is special since it is being transported by two huge Trolls. You can it traveling the main road from the east leading to Gatefront Ruins. You will need to kill the two Trolls first before you can check the back of the carriage to find a chest that contains the Crucible Set.


Where do I find the Twinblade in Elden Ring?

map groveside cave elden ring wiki guide 300px

Groveside Cave Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.

Groveside Cave can be located at the southwest side of the map from the Gatefront Ruins. You'll want to explore this location since you can find the Twinblade and a couple of useful items. The first section of the cave is guarded by a pack of Wolves so be cautious. You can find the Twinblade in the section where the wolves were. And when you are ready, head straight, through the mist to fight the boss of this section, the Beastman of Farum Azula. Defeating the boss drops the Viridian Amber Medallion which is a good item to raise your stamina, it also yields 800 Runes, and you can find a chest here that contains the Flask of Wondrous Physick, the Ruptured Crystal Tear, and the Greenspill Crystal Tear.


Where do I find Sorceress Selen in Elden Ring?

map post town remains elden ring wiki guide 300px

Post Town Remains Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.

If you are playing as an Enchanted Knight class or prefer to use Magic Spells to fight, then you may want to find the NPC who is associated with providing you with useful Sorceries. You will need to travel to the Post Town Remains which is located at the southeast section of the map from the Gatefront Ruins and Agheel Lake North. For this location, it is highly recommended to bring items or use items that can help with Posion Resistance since the enemies around the area such as the Poison Flower and Giant Poison Flower inflicts poison up you. Outside the area, you can find materials such as Rowa Fruit and Cured Immunizing Meat.

After defeating the flowers, use Torrent to double-jump into the central and blocked area, that features a staircase leading to the Ruined Cellar Grace. Be ready as you enter, since you will be fighting against a boss, the Pumpkin Head. Defeating the Pumpkin Head yields 1000 Runes and drops the Pumpkin Helm as a reward. Apart from that, you'll also gain access to a room here where you can find Sorceress Sellen who sells Sorceries, and behind her is a chest where you can find the Carian Knight Set.


How to Access the Island in Elden Ring?

map dragon burnt ruins elden ring wiki guide 300px

Dragon-Burnt Ruins Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.


map church of dragon communion elden ring wiki guide 300px

Church of Dragon Communion Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.


Some players might miss this, but there is a mini side quest that you can do here in the Network Test of Elden Ring, and it involves finding a certain item that can be used to acquire a powerful Incantation on a "secret" island. So how do you access or how do I find the island? First off, you'll want to travel to the Dragon-Burnt Ruins which is around the center area of Agheel Lake. There are some enemies here such as the RatDogNoble, and Poison Pod, so you may want to clear out the area first and do it quickly before the boss appears which is the Flying Dragon Agheel.

The Dragon descends when you approach a group of Nobles, it kills them and the boss encounter officialy starts. You can find a full strategy guide on how to defeat this boss by clicking the linked name of the boss. Defeating it yields 3600 Runes and drops the Dragon Heart. You can also find a chest in this area to find the Reduvia weapon. Once you have the heart, you will need to travel to the Dissenter's Cave first which is at western Limgrave, this is the only way for you to pass and reach the Church of Dragon Communion. Make sure you have a Torch in your inventory since you will be traversing a dark area before reaching the church.

The Dissenter's Cave is an area that is guarded by Demi-Human enemies, as well as 2 Demi-Human Chief bosses. At the Dissenter's Cave, you can find useful materials, as well as a chance to obtain the Rickety Shield that drops from the Demi-Human enemy. Once you've defeated the bosses, continue through the cave in order to reach the Church of Dragon Communion. Upon arriving, place the Dragon Heart at the altar to receive the Greyoll's Roar. There is also a Teardrop Scarab at the back of the island that drops the Feast Upon Flame Incantation if killed.


A Hidden/Secret NPC

Secrets are a no surprise when it comes to a FromSoftware game, and in the Network Test in Elden Ring, you'll most likely miss this hidden NPC named Boc. Where do I find this hidden or secret NPC? Boc can be found in Limgrave, travel to Agheel Lake North Site of Grace, and then south down the road to the big telescope. From there, approach the small grove of trees that has a lot of sheep and a voice will call out. All you need to do is hit the small tree with brown/yellow leaves and poof! The tree will transform and reveal it to be monkey, demi-human named Boc. Speak to him and he'll mention that "some clod" just decided to turn him into a tree.

Points of Interest in Stormhill

map stormgate elden ring wiki guide 300px

Stormgate Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.


map stormhill elden ring wiki guide 300px

Stormhill Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.


How do I get to Stormhill? Stormhill is a sub-region that you'll need to traverse in order to reach the Legacy Dungeon, the Stormveil Castle. Of course it won't be that easy, first thing you need to do is to get through the heavily guarded Stormgate which is near the Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave. If you want to pass through the heavily guarded entrance to Stormhill, it is recommended that you have the Spectral Steed Whistle given by Melina after discovering three Sites of Grace.

This allows you to summon your mount and you can just ride and breeze through the enemies without the need to fight. On the other hand, if you do want a challenge, we recommend you to craft and use the Sleepbone Arrow (Fletched) against the Troll enemy so you can put it to sleep. While this large enemy is knocked out, you can then fight the soldiers, and then fight and finish off the Troll.

When you get past the path leading to Stormhill, you can find that the area is swarming with various Creatures and Enemies which is both good and bad (depending on how you approach the situation) it could lead to your death if you go in storming, you can get easily outnumbered by the enemies her, but if you pick your fights carefully or assess the situation, you can benefit from this and use the opportunity to gather as much as Runes as you can.

There are Trolls here as well ass a Stone Golem that reanimates when you approach it. Defeating these enemies is highly recommended to gather large amount of Runes and a chance to drop Upgrade Materials that you can use to improve your equipment. You could also miss this if you don't explore the sub-region, but you can also find Ash of War: Carian Glintsword, dropped by Teardrop Scarab following the road up from Stormgate (Stormhill).


What can I find in Stormhill?

map scavengers shack elden ring wiki guide 300px

Scavenger's Shack Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.


map forlorn hound evergaol elden ring wiki guide 300px

Forlon Hound Evergaol Map. Click on the image above to enlarge it.


The first area you can find when you pass through the Stormgate is the Scavenger's Shack. There is a Site of Grace here, as well as the Litany of Proper Death Incantation which can be looted off a body that's on the abandoned shack. Next is the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, located at the western area where you will find a mysterious circle summoning altar. Before you head to the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, make sure you are fully prepared since there is an optional boss there, the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, you can find a guide on how to beat it by clicking the linked name of the boss, this will direct you to the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil page. Defeating the boss yields Runes and drops the Ash of War: Barricade Shield.

Before you reach the outskirts section of the front gate of the Stormveil Castle, take this time to fully explore the area, gather materials, and work on upgrading your gear since you will be fighting against a Greater Foe BossMargit the Fell Omen. Successfuly defeating the boss rewards you with 8000 Runes and you can continue on towards the Stormveil Castle.

Stormveil Castle is a Legacy Dungeon in Elden Ring. This location is featured as part of the Closed Network Test. Players entering Stormveil Castle should beware that it's a challenging dungeon with groups of numerous enemies with traps and ballistas as well as mini-bosses. This area does not allow riding.

stormveil castle legacy dungeon location header elden ring wiki guide

General Information


Stormveil Castle Map

map stormveil castle elden ring wiki guide 300px

NPCs in the area








Weapons & Shields


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Upgrade Materials

Enemy Drops

Keys & Other




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Full Stormveil Castle Walkthrough

Click  here to go to the Speedrun Walkthrough.

The Castle's Entrance

gatekeeper gostoc location stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

You've beaten Margit the Fell Omen and have arrived at the main gate of the Stormveil Castle, you'll notice a room nearby, next to the main gate, where you'll meet Gatekeeper Gostoc, an old tall fellow that may seem a bit suspicious. Speak to him and he will advise you to avoid entering the castle using the main gate because he says it's tightly guarded. But instead, he suggests you to try the opening through the other way, (on the left) claiming that guards don't know about that entrance. You will be given the choice to accept or reject his suggestion. If you accept, he will be fine with that and respect your decision. He will even open the gate for you. But as soon as you enter a few steps, multiple arrows will strike you from far away. However, you can make it past them. For this walkthrough, we will go through the opening that Gostoc suggests.

back entrance stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Go out through the opening on the left and you'll see a summoning pool on the left corner which you can activate, and on the left side of the summoning pool is a body that you can pillage to find x1 Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot. Turn around and hug the wall on the right, you'll see there's a concrete beam on the wall that you can jump on so that you can go through the opening. You'll then immediately see another body you can loot to find x5 Rainbow Stone. From there keep going straight and jump over the wall to find yourself in the west backside of the castle. As you move forward, you'll be attacked by a Bladed Talon Eagle, kill it and then continue towards the overlooking area where you'll find the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace, use it to save it as your checkpoint and to rest. There's also another summoning pool on the left side of it.

castle guard first encounter stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Head up the slope on the right and jump on the wooden path and steps that goes to the top. At the top of the steps, is the entrance to a castle tower that is guarded by two Castle Guards roaming outside and another inside. Try to backstab the first guard you see before it walks near the arch door so that you avoid catching the attention of the other guard that's inside. Once you've defeated the first three guards, go inside and look to the left, there's another arch door where you'll see a body that's sitting by the edge of the platform, loot it to find x1 Fringefolk's Rune and then go back inside and head into the next room which is the castle's wine cellar where you'll encounter two servants resting by the barrels.

The Wine Cellar

root resin wine cellar location stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Kill both enemies and then go left and straight under the stairs where you'll see some stacked boxes and barrels, break through it but be careful since there is another Castle Guard wielding an axe, hiding behind. Kill it and then check the left side corner at the end to find a body that can be looted, it has x3 Root Resin. Now go back and tread carefully as you head up the stairs, as you head to the top of the first set of steps, you'll see more wooden barrels blocking the way, dodge through it, and be ready to sprint as soon as you recover from dodging since you'll encounter two more servants ahead, one in front, and the other above one level that will throw bombs at you. Quickly kill the first servant enemy, and then rush to the other that's at the top.

throwing dagger wine cellar location stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Now, if you look to the right where the second servant standing above on the wooden platform bridge was, there's a hole in the wall with roots, on the right side that you jump on where you can find x5 Throwing Dagger. Go back down on the wooden platform and then go straight towards the arch door on the right where you can find x10 Trina's Arrow. Be careful here, and be ready to doge back since there is another Servant enemy ahead that will throw a bomb at you, as soon as you try to pick up the item by the arch doorway. Sprint and dodge forward to close the gap and then kill the enemy.

papuers rune wine cellar location stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Turn to the left and break the boxes and barrels to see another set of small steps that goes up. Next to the second set of steps, you'll find another Servant sitting, kill the enemy and then drop down below the platform from where the sitting Servant was, you'll find another body to loot that has x1 Pauper's Rune. If you want to challenge yourself, turn to the left, jump across the wooden platform and then go back up to the spot where the Servant was sitting where you'll find a door to the right.

Mini-Boss: The Key Master

arsenal charm wine cellar location stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Be extra careful here since there is a strong enemy inside, the Many Armed Key Master mini-boss. Be ready to have your strongest weapon and shield equipped before entering since you will be fighting against an agile foe. A tip here, in case you feel overwhelmed and need to retreat, you can rush through the exit since the enemy can't fit through it and try to chase you. You will need to defeat this enemy since it holds the Rusty Key used to unlock the door on the second level of the wine cellar. Upon defeating it you can acquire 965 Runes and there's a body inside as well that you can loot to find an Arsenal Charm - regardless if you grabbed the talisman and died, you'll still find it in your inventory once you've respawned at the last checkpoint you used.

locked door wine cellar location stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Since you're done here, go back down to the second level near the hole on the wall that has vines and use the key to unlock the door. There's a narrow dead end path on the right side of the locked door where you can find another body that has x1 Smithing Stone Shard. Unlock the door by using the Rusty Key. Congratulations, you've unlocked the door and from here on, if you interact with the ladder, it prompts a message saying "More awaits you, in the official release". You can also return to Gatekeeper Gostoc and speak to him since his wares for purchasing becomes available once you reach the end of the Network Test (which is the ladder in the locked room of the wine cellar).

Storm the Castle's Main Gate

castle guard with ballista main gate stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Open your map and fast travel to the Stormveil Gate site. Head straight to the main gate and be ready to sprint and dodge since there are Castle Guard enemies on high ground that will shoot you with a ballista. Sprint and dodge to the left side and you'll see some stairs that lead to the high ground where the ballista are. Kill the roaming Castle Guard and then kill the other two that are operating the ballista. There's another one as well that's using the ballista, above the first two that you killed, you won't be able to reach the enemy even if you try to jump so use any ranged attacks to kill it.

Since you've killed all three of the enemies using the contraption, you can go back down to the main path and clear the rest of the Castle Guards. You might want to summon a spirit companion here to help you fight the multiple guards since it is heavily guarded with crossbow-wielders, dual-blades, and axe-wielding ones. If you look at the main gate, from the inside, there's a room on the right side where you can find another Site of Grace.

ash of war stomp stomp location stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Before you go east towards the runway that has statues on the sides, head straight towards the arch gateway that is guarded by three more Castle Guards. Kill the enemies, go through the gate and be ready again to sprint and dodge, as you try to avoid the guards shooting the ballista and reach the top of the concrete steps. At the end of the steps, there are three more Castle Guards again that are guarding the area, and by the spiked-barricaded gateway (which is a dead-end), there is a body resting on the wall, on the right. Loot it to find x1 Ash of War: Storm Stomp. You can fight the enemies if you want, but it will be a challenge for you since you need to watch out for the ones shooting the ballista. You can just sprint to the top, avoid fighting, and if you are fast enough, loot the body to grab the item and run back down.

Mini-Boss: Lion Guardian

lion guardian mini boss location stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

Now, go east of the castle grounds where you'll see the statues on both sides of the runway. Before you move any further, it is best that you clear out all of the Castle Guards first. Tread carefully since the Lion Guardian will jump in and start to attack you, this is another mini-boss, similar to the Many Armed Key Master mini-boss you fought in the wine cellar. The Lion Guardian is another agile boss that will constantly leap and jump around you as it attacks.Two of its attacks are when it swings its paws three times, and the other is where it tries to bite you three times as well, and finishing off with a slow overhead attack, slamming its paw on the ground.A good tactic to fight this beast is to use the Lone Wolf Ashes to summon three wolves, this way, the Lion Guardian is distracted and will attack the wolves first. While it is distracted, you can attack it with ranged attacks if you have any Sorcery Spells that you can use and keep spamming it to quickly reduce its health.

sneaking behind the lion guardian stormveil castle walkthrough location elden ring wiki guide

If you want to gain a bit of advantage to deal large damage before you even aggro the mini-boss, you can crouch and sneak around the runaway, move from the left side and go around to the right, you'll see the Lion Guardian just waiting and hiding on the right side of the runway. Make sure that you are crouching and if you are able to sneak behind it, you can use a strong attack while it is unaware of your presence. Successfully defeating the Lion Guardian yields 1138 Runes. The room that is ahead of the runway is a dead-end, you've fully cleared the Stormveil Castle and you are free to roam and explore the region of Limgrave or Stormhill. Also, around the area where the Lion Guardian was, you can find a bush that has x1 Trina's Lily.




Stormveil Castle Map

map stormveil castle elden ring wiki guide 300px

Stormveil Castle Videos





Speed Run Walkthrough

As soon as you reach the main gate, go in the room next to it and speak to Gatekeeper Gostoc, take the opening path on the left and work your way through the cliffside. Next to the opening, on the left of the summoning pool is a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot looted from the body, and another is when you jump up the platform from the concrete beam, there is x5 Rainbow Stone from the body by the edge. Work your way through the cliffside until you reach the tower leading to the caste's wine cellar. By the tower's entrance that is guarded by three Castle Guard enemies, there is another body  outside, by the arch doorway on the left, where you can find x1 Fringefolk's Rune.

Head inside the wine cellar and go straight, pass the stairs, defeat the Castle Guard wielding an axe and check the end of the room, on the left side to find another body holding x3 Root Resin. Go up the second level, kill the Servants throwing the bombs and walk towards the hole on the wall that's surrounded with roots. Jump on it to find x5 Throwing Dagger, and then continue through the narrow path where you'll encounter more Servants. On the third level, next to the top of the steps, there's another servant enemy sitting by the edge, kill it, and then drop down onto the platform below from where the sitting servant was to find another body holding x1 Pauper's Rune.

Retrace your steps and head back to the third level and open the door on the right side, on the other side is a mini-boss, the Many Armed Key Master. You will need to kill it to acquire the Rusty Key that opens the locked door that's on the second level. Inside the same room where the Many Armed Key Master was, there's a body that you can pillage to find an Arsenal Charm. After that's done, go back down to the second floor to unlock the door, but before doing so, check the right side of the door, there's a path leading to another dead-end where you'll find another body holding x1 Smithing Stone Shard. Open the locked door and interact with the ladder, showing a message stating that it is end point of the Network Test.

Fast travel to the Stormveil Gate site of grace and rush forward through the main gate as you try to avoid the guards using the ballista, as well as killing the rest of the guards blocking the path ahead. Keep going north until you reach a set of tall concrete steps, head to the top which is again, guarded by more guards and another one using the ballista. At the top is a dead-end where you can find another dead body that you can pillage to find x1 Ash of War: Storm Stomp. There is also a bush around the castle's grounds where you can pick x1 Trina's Lily. It's near the east side of the castle grounds, the runway with the statues on each side, where the Lion Guardian mini-boss is.


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