Hechicero Rogier

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Ubicación Castillo de Velo Tormentoso, Mesa Redonda
Rol Mercader
Interpretado por Ben Norris

El Hechicero Rogier es uno de los PNJs de Elden Ring. Se trata de un hechicero sumamente educado que lleva un sombrero que cubre su rostro.


The pleasure's mine. Rogier's the name. A sorcerer, as you might have guessed.


Hechicero Rogier: Ubicación

Rogier se encuentra junto al altar de la Capilla en la parte noroeste del Castillo de Velo Tormentoso. [Mapa interactivo]. Rogier se presenta de una forma muy educada y amistosa. Te cuenta que es un hechicero y que anda en busca de algo dentro del castillo. Tras derrotar a Godrick, el Injertado, Rogier se marchará a Mesa Redonda.

Rogier también te ofrece sus servicios como mercader, el cual vende Cenizas de guerra.


Hechicero Rogier: Objetos a la venta


Hechicero Rogier: Cadena de misiones

  1. Rogier se encuentra junto al altar de la Capilla en la parte noroeste del Castillo de Velo Tormentoso. [Mapa interactivo].
  2. Tras derrotar a Godrick, el Injertado, Rogier se marchará a Mesa Redonda, donde a partir de ese momento se asentará en la estancia del balcón que hay sobre la entrada principal. ATENCIÓN: No podrás progresar en la misión de Rogier si hablas con Ranni en Tres Hermanas, antes de acabar su misión.
  3. En el Castillo de Velo Tormentoso, partiendo del Lugar de Gracia de los Acantilados del castillo, sal hacia el patio por la puerta, gira a la derecha, date la vuelta y dirígete hacia la cornisa con el cadáver. Mira hacia abajo y salta hacia los contrafuertes y de nuevo hacia el andamio de madera, para finalmente llegar al suelo. Derrota al Espíritu del árbol ulcerado y continúa hasta dar con lo que parece ser un antiguo rostro putrefacto. Justo delante encontrarás un charco de sangre. Actívalo para ver un recuerdo.
  4. Regresa a Mesa Redonda y pregúntale a Rogier acerca del rostro. Te explicará que se trata del rostro de Godwyn, el Dorado, quien fue el primer semidiós en caer durante los acontecimientos que condujeron a la destrucción del Círculo de Elden y que fue asesinado con un cuchillo negro particular.
  5. Habla con Fia y permite que te abrace. Agota sus opciones de diálogo, incluidas "Hablar en secreto", "¿Tienes información...?" y "Acerca del aojo de puñal negro" para conocer la ubicación de las Catacumbas de los Cuchillos Negros [Mapa interactivo], en la que encontrarás un Aojo de puñal negro. Te puedes saltar este paso al ir a por el Aojo sin el mapa.
  6. Llévale el Aojo de puñal negro a Rogier. Sal de la zona y vuelve para que Rogier te envíe en busca de Ranni, a la que encontrarás en Tres Hermanas, en la zona noroeste de Liurnir.
  7. Al hablar con Ranni, esta te echará. Al hablarle de esto a Rogier, te recomendará que te conviertas en uno de los siervos de Ranni, con el fin de sacarle más información, así que te envía de nuevo en busca de Ranni.
  8. En esta ocasión, Ranni te permitirá convertirte en su siervo y comenzará su cadena de misiones. Al volver con Rogier te hará saber que le preocupa sumirse en un profundo letargo (de lo cual, está al límite). Si descansas en el Lugar de Gracia y recargas la zona, verás que, en efecto, se encontrará inmerso en el profundo letargo del que hablaba.
  9. Poco después, dejará caer en su lugar la Esfera de Rogier, su conjunto de armadura y una carta que revela la existencia y paradero del hermano menor de D. La silla en la que se sentaba, así como su cuerpo, desaparecerán misteriosamente de escena en tu próxima visita.


Hechicero Rogier: Diálogos


  • Ah, nice to meet you.
    The pleasure's mine. Rogier's the name. A sorcerer, as you might have guessed.
    I'm looking for a little something, here in the castle. When I'm not hotfooting it from the troops, that is.
    But enough about me, what are you doing here in Stormveil Castle?
    This place is bristling with Tarnished hunters, you know. They sacrifice our kind, for grafting. Not exactly a place I'd stroll into without a purpose in mind...

I'm here to defeat Godrick

  • You can see it then, I take it? The guidance of grace. Well, enjoy it while you can.
    I'm Tarnished, like you. But unlike you, I've seen neither hide nor hair of this guidance for the longest time. Still, I won't forget how it felt when I first came here, to the Lands Between.
    I'm privy to a few magical battle arts. Would you care to learn one? As a fellow Tarnished, once guided by grace, I'd love to help you out, if it please.

At Roundtable Hold

  • Ah, we meet again after all.
    I apologize for any offence given by my bearing, but I'm quite unable to move, you see. So. What do you need?

I've defeated Godrick

  • Ah, you defeated Godrick and claimed yourself a Great Rune. Mm, looks like we both got what we wanted out of Stormveil, didn't we.
    Well done, friend. Something to mark the occasion. Go on, take it.
    [Gives you Rogier's Rapier]
    As you might've guessed, I still can't move. My fighting days are behind me. No need to be polite, I've no use for it anymore.

About the corpse under Stormveil

  • The misshapen corpse under Stormveil? That is a sacred relic. Of the black knives plot. As that famed night of assassination is known.
    It happened during the Golden Age of the Erdtree, long before the shattering of the Elden Ring. Someone stole a fragment of the Rune of Death from Maliketh, the Black Blade. And on a bitter night, murdered Godwyn the Golden.
    That was the first recorded Death of a demigod in all history. And it became the catalyst. Soon, the Elden Ring was smashed, and thus sprang forth the war known as the Shattering.
    I once wished to become a scholar, you see. I've spent many an hour scouring the archives for knowledge of that fateful plot.
    The world has grown crooked, and if you intend to put it to rights, you'd better understand what happened to make it this way, mm?
    And...that thing is to blame for the shape I'm in now... I urge the utmost caution. Don't disturb the corpse more than necessary...

Giving him the Black Knifeprint

  • This...is a black knifeprint! I can scarcely believe you managed to get your hands on this!
    You recall our conversation about the Night of the Black Knives, yes? They say the assassins who carried out the deed were scions of the Eternal City. A group entirely of women, arrayed in armour of silver under cloaks which fooled the eye.
    The knives they wielded though, were imparted with the power of the Rune of Death through sinister rite.
    Please, I beg of you, lend me the knifeprint for a time. I'd love nothing more than to tease out its secrets.
    Though only a fragment, a very specific ritual had to be performed to impart the power of the Rune of Death. Traces of the one who performed the rite are sure to remain in the imprint...
    Half my body has been suffused with Death. I'm certain it will help me see.


  • Ahh, hello. I was hoping to see you.
    My examination is complete. Here's the knifeprint back, with my thanks.
    [Gives you Black Knifeprint]
    Now, I have a fairly good idea who performed the rite upon the blade. The person who orchestrated the Night of the Black Knives.
    Lunar Princess Ranni. One of the children born to King Consort Radagon and his first wife, Rennala. Demigod and sister to General Radahn and Praetor Rykard. Her's was the name I discovered in the imprint.
    Truly, you have my thanks. But, if I might be so bold, I would also like to ask something more of you.
    If Ranni truly is the one who plotted that fateful night, then she should bear the cursemark of Destined Death somewhere upon her flesh. I would like you to procure it for me. And then all will be laid bare. I will have the answers I have sought for so long.

Why do you want a cursemark?

  • I'm afraid there's something I must tell you.
    Do you know of Those Who Live in Death?
    The very notion of life in death defies the Golden Order.
    By D's account, these defiled fiends must be expunged.
    But truth be told, I seek the curserk to save them.
    You may find this peculiar,
    but I discovered something in my examination of the Night of the Black Knives.
    These souls have committed no offence. They have every right to life, only, they happened to touch upon a flaw in the Order.

Ranni cast off her cursemark

  • I see... When Ranni shed her flesh, she shed the cursemark, too.
    You know, not everyone would trust such a tale...
    But, if she in her current form is nothing more than the living doll you profess...
    Then perhaps it's true after all.
    Hmm. Forgive the bluntness of the notion, but...
    How would you like to become one of Ranni's vassals?
    Ah, only in order to get what we want, of course.
    The location of the body which bore the cursemark, which right now I haven't the faintest.
    And the best way to find out is for you to enter her service and take a poke around on the sly.
    I know you've got what it takes.
    Not only are you a superb fighter, but people want to trust you. I've seen it.

Rogier's proposition

  • Can you become Ranni's vassal to advance our agenda?
    While in her service, you'll be able to take a poke around on the sly.
    And determine the location of her original body that bears the cursemark.
    I realise that I'm asking you to put yourself in grave danger.
    But I know you've got what it takes. Quite possibly the only one, in fact.

Talk (afer entenring Ranni's services)

  • Hmm. Maybe I should tell you.
    Lately, I feel I'm on the precipice...
    Of falling into a deep...fathomless slumber.
    And I have an inkling it could spell trouble for you, somehow.
    So I just wanted to get the apology out of the way, beforehand.
    Since you're so scary and all.

About D

  • Ah, so you've met D.
    D is an old friend.
    We found ourselves journeying together for a time, bound by our exploration of Death.
    But our paths since diverged. Never again to cross.
    Though that's hardly an uncommon fate for two friends.
  • D was telling me. That he discovered the mark of the centipede. The centipede is an ancient symbol of the cursemark. As long as whoever finds and uses it is not nefarious by nature, then we may be able to form an alliance. If only I could speak to them in person. And if they were like you, all the better.
  • Yes, indeed.
    If D knew what drives me now, he would surely boil over with rage.
    Or perhaps, he would even feel some pity.
    But no need to fret, none of that will come to pass.
    I can tell a good lie when I need to.

Small Talk

  • Always good to see you safe. So. What do you need?


  • They were conceived at the great Academy of Raya Lucaria, to the north of this castle. In the past, they obeyed laws which contravened the Golden Order, or so I'm told.
    Fascinating, isn't it? That the Golden Order was pliable enough to absorb practices that contradicted itself in the past. With the Order broken, twisted, and in need of repair, such adaptability is more important now than ever.


Hechicero Rogier: Notas y curiosidades

  • Se le puede invocar para que te ayude a combatir contra el jefe Margit, el Augurio Caído.
  • Rogier se marchará a Mesa Redonda tanto si te encuentras con él como si no, antes de derrotar a Godrick.
  • Si hablas con D cuando Rogier llega a Mesa Redonda, este te contará que Rogier se ha instalado en la estancia del balcón y te hará saber sobre su condición.
  • Hablar con Ranni y ponerte a su servicio antes de que Rogier te lo pida hará que Rogier sucumba a un profundo letargo, que provocará su muerte poco después (esto ocurre tanto si sigues su misión como si no, la única diferencia radica en que puedes perder información importante sobre Ranni y la Noche de los Puñales Negros).
    • Rogier solo morirá si te teletransportas desde un Lugar de Gracia distinto, ya que si descansas en el mismo Lugar de Gracia solo lo verás sumido en su profundo letargo. Así que siempre y cuando te teletransportes a un Lugar de Gracia que esté FUERA de Mesa Redonda, morirá según lo previsto.
    • La muerte de Rogier no evita que puedas progresar en la misión de Ranni.
    • Al morir dejará tras de sí su conjunto completo de armadura, su esfera y una carta. Existe la posibilidad de que también deje su espada si muere antes de que derrotes a Godrick.
    • Curiosamente, se sumergirá en el mencionado profundo letargo a la vez que Ranni. Ella misma te lo comentará si vuelves con ella después de que hables con los sirvientes Consejero de guerra Iji, Blaidd y Seluvis en su torre.
  •  Tras derrotar a Godrick, el Injertado te entregará el Estoque de Rogier +8.


 Hechicero Rogier: Galería de imágenes

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