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Ubicación Liurnia, tierra encharcada - Iglesia de Irith
Rol Estudiante de magia
Interpretado por Mathew Morgan

Thops uno de los PNJs de Elden Ring. Es un estudiante de magia de la Academia de Raya Lucaria. A cambio de una pequeña donación de Runas te enseñará algunas Hechicerías menores.


For a small donation, I'd be happy to share my knowledge.


Thops: Ubicación e información de misión


Thops: Objetos a la venta

Artículo Tipo de objeto runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18Valor de venta Disponibilidad
Guijarro de piedras refulgentes Hechicerías 1.000 1
Arco de piedra refulgente Hechicerías 1.500 1
Luz de las estrellas Hechicerías 2.500 1


Thops: Cadena de misiones

Thops compartirá su deseo de regresar a la Academia. Una vez que hayas obtenido una segunda Llave de piedra refulgente de la Academia podrás entregársela a Thops. Si lo haces se marchará y te recompensará con el Gesto: Erudición. Se trata de un gesto muy útil que nos servirá para desbloquear puzles a lo largo del juego.

Más tarde te lo encontrarás muerto, sentado en el escritorio en la habitación que hay fuera del Lugar de Gracia Aula académica de la Academia de Raya Lucaria. En su cadáver hallarás una Hechicería, el Bastón de piedra refulgente de la Academia y la Esfera de Thops. Llévale la esfera a las Doncellas Gemelas Quiescentes a Mesa Redonda para desbloquear su inventario y poder comprarles a ella sus objetos.

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Thops: Diálogos


  • "You're Tarnished, aren't you?
    Then, perhaps you could spare some runes?
    Believe it or not, I studied glintstone sorceries at the Academy of Raya Lucaria.
    For a small donation, I'd be happy to share my knowledge."

Donate 10 Runes

  • "Well, bless you, bless you.
    You are a true saint.
    My name is Thops.
    Presuming you're interested, I can teach you sorceries, as promised.
    Only, none of them are particularly great..."


  • ??

On Academy Glintstone Key

  • "Why not find yourself a glintstone key?
    Without one, you can't pass through the academy, and you'll never reach the Erdtree Capital.
    And if you find an extra glintstone key, perhaps...
    Once you've tied up all your loose ends - and I can be very patient - would you consider donating it to me?
    I know it. I'm a bluntstone. Nary a hint of talent for sorcery.
    But still, my place is at the academy..."
  • (If handed Academy Glintstone Key)
    "Are you certain? You re willing to give your glintstone key to me? ...My oh my! Thank you, thank you dearly.
    Now I can go back to the academy. To resume my study...of glintstone sorceries, and the very stars".
  • "Thank you dearly. With your blessing, I will depart for the Academy of Raya Lucaria.
    Perhaps, one day, you'll pay me a visit? Who knows, I may be a decorated sorcerer by then! Ha ha!".


  • ??

Small Talk

  • (If you don't take any Sorcery from him)
    "Apologies, friend.
    I'm afraid my meagre sorceries are no match for your generosity.
    Oh, right.
    I can tell you what I know about this place. Thatshould help a bit.
    You've seen that structure to the north, towering over the water?
    That's the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Where we study glintstone sorceries.
    Only, its doors have been closed for quite some time now.
    After they declared they wouldn't interfere with the Shattering, the academy cast repelling seals on the east gate leading to the Capital and the south gate leading here.
    As you might have guessed, the seals are still active, making entry to the academy impossible without a glintstone key.
    And so I'm stuck here. A fledgling sorcerer, with little chance of acquiring a key.
    When they cast the seals, I'd just popped out, and now I'm uprooted from my place of learning."

  • (About Sellen)
    "You've taken an apprenticeship with Sellen?
    Well, that is something.
    Sellen was well known. The most promising sorceress in the history of the academy.
    I followed her at school, but there may as well have been an ocean between us.
    But Sellen was expelled from the academy.
    Accused of unthinkable treatment of certain sorcerers, under the name of the Graven Witch.
    I still don't believe the accusations.
    The illustrious Sellen would never do such things..."


  • ??
  • ??


Thops: Notas y curiosidades





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