Maestro herrero Hewg

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Ubicación Mesa Redonda
Rol Herrero
Interpretado por James Doherty

El Maestro herrero Hewg es uno de los PNJs de Elden Ring. Se trata de un prisionero que encontramos en Mesa Redonda. Reforzará tus Armas y Armaduras por encima del nivel 3, así como también duplicará las Cenizas de guerra a cambio de una suma, siempre y cuando tengas los materiales necesarios.


I'm a prisoner, and these are my chains. I'm trapped by the Hold, undying, smithing for you fools. That's all there is to it.


Maestro herrero Hewg: Ubicación

Se encuentra en Mesa Redonda. Te permite mejorar el equipo por encima del nivel 3.


Maestro herrero Hewg: Objetos a la venta

El Maestro herrero Hewg compra mercancía, vende Cenizas de guerra y refuerza el equipamiento.

También puedes llevarle Cenizas de guerra perdidas para duplicar otras Cenizas de guerra.

Artículo Tipo de Objeto runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18Valor de compra
Espada corta +5 Mejora 270
Necesita Piedra de forja [2]
Bastón de piedra refulgente de la academia +9 Mejora 520
Necesita Piedra de forja [3]


Maestro herrero Hewg: Cadena de misiones

Al hablar con él tendrás disponibles las siguientes opciones:

  • Mejorar armamento: Acceso al menú de herrería.
  • Cenizas de guerra: Acceso al menú de Cenizas de guerra.
  • Duplicación de Cenizas de guerra: Acceso al menú de duplicación de Cenizas de guerra.
  • Vender: Acceso al menú de venta.
  • Diálogos: Aprende más acerca del Maestro herrero Hewg.
  • Marcharte.


Maestro herrero Hewg: Diálogos


  • You're a new face. No matter, it's all the same.
    Lay out your arms. Let's get smithing.
    • [About the chains on your legs]
      • "I see you've noticed the chains. Nothing special. I'm a prisoner, and these are my chains.
        I'm trapped by the Hold, undying, smithing for you fools. That's all there is to it".
    • [You're a prisoner?]
      • "Nah, don't read too much into it. I've no grudge against you.
        My being a prisoner is no fault of yours. Besides, I don't mind smithing.
        Despite my differences, the weapons get stronger, all the same.
        Given time, technique never fails. Besides, it helps me forget. The sheer terror of her..."


  • "Your divinity, have mercy, and grant me forgiveness. The road is yet long. A God not easily felled. But one day, without fail, you will have your wish. So please, grant me forgiveness, Queen Marika..."

While caught praying

  • "Ah, You, is it? I...didn't notice you there.
    I'll be doing my job, same as ever. Just lay out your arms".
    • [About the prayer]
      • "Those words were not meant for you. I may be prisoner to you Tarnished lot.
        But my prayers are mine and mine alone. Well, I've had my say. I'll be more careful, too."

When asked about Roderika

  • "The girl you brought here...
    She's crestfallen, and can scarcely swing a blade, but she has a gift for spirit tuning.
    I saw another one like her, long ago. Their eyes share the same hue".

After speaking to Roderika

  • "The girl? What about her?"
    • [Would you watch over Roderika?] 
      • "Are you out of your mind?
        Who'd stay with an ugly brute who only knows how to smith?
        Absurd. And besides, she'd never agree to it".
    • [It's what she wants]
      • "I refuse to believe it. I don't doubt you,
        but I know when something's too good to be true".


  • After defeating Godrick, The Grafted
    • "Now, look at you. Those eyes tell a story. Of a challenger, who's felled her mark.
      Fine and well. Now, lay out your arms".
  • Interaction while smithing
    • "Well, where've you been hiding? I took you for dead.
      No matter. It's all the same. Lay out your arms, then".
  • After defeating Godskin Duo
    • "I'll smith... as long as you like" "Now ...lay out your ...arms"


Maestro herrero Hewg: Notas y curiosidades

  • ¡Nada por aquí!


Maestro herrero Hewg: Galería de imágenes

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