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Ubicación Cabaña en Colina Tormentosa
Mesa Redonda
Rol Afinadora de espíritus
Interpretada por Helen Monks

Roderika es uno de los PNJs de Elden Ring. Es una afinadora de espíritus que te encontrarás en la Cabaña en Colina Tormentosa, y si progresas en su cadena de misiones, se marchará a Mesa Redonda.


Everyone who came with me. They crossed the sea for me. They fought, for me. Heh... Only to have their arms taken. Their legs taken. Even their heads...taken. Taken and stuck to the spider. 

Roderika: Ubicación

Roderika se encuentra en varios lugares:

  1. Primero la encontrarás en la Cabaña en Colina Tormentosa [Mapa interactivo] y te entrega la invocación Ceniza de espíritu de medusa.
  2. Si le entregas el objeto Recuerdo de las crisálidas, se marchará a Mesa Redonda.
  • NO se puede combatir contra ella.


Roderika: Cadena de misiones

  • Si hablas con ella varias veces cuando te la encuentras en la Cabaña en Colina Tormentosa obtendrás el Gesto: Posición sentada de lado y te entregará la Ceniza de espíritu de medusa.
  • Vuelve con el objeto Recuerdo de las crisálidas que se encuentra en una pila de cadáveres en la Muralla de la Torre en Castillo de Velo Tormentoso para que se vaya de la cabaña y se marche a Mesa Redonda. La próxima vez que vayas a Mesa Redonda la encontrarás allí y te dará una Semilla dorada.
  • Cuando Roderika se convierta en Afinadora de espíritus la encontrarás en Mesa Redonda sin su característica capucha roja, suponiendo que le hayas entregado el Recuerdo de las crisálidas y hayas hablado antes con el Maestro herrero Hewg.
    • Si no llegaste a verla en la Cabaña en Colina Tormentosa, cuando aparezca en Mesa Redonda, elige la opción "Acerca de Roderika" de entre las opciones de diálogo del Maestro herrero Hewg y continúa la misión de forma normal. 
    • Si superas a Margit y desbloqueas el Lugar de Gracia Acantilado de Velo Tormentoso, la misión se autocompletará hasta este punto y no será necesario que vayas a buscar el objeto Recuerdo de las crisálidas. Esto podría tratarse de un bug.
  • Cuando Roderika se encuentre en Mesa Redonda te la encontrarás de pie junto a la chimenea. Habla con ella y agota sus opciones de diálogo para obtener una Semilla dorada como recompensa por llevarle el Recuerdo de las crisálidas.
    • Si no le entregaste el Recuerdo ANTES de que apareciera en Mesa Redonda, podrás obtener la Semilla dorada si visitas la Cabaña en Colina Tormentosa y la recoges del suelo en el punto en que se encontraba la primera vez que la viste.
  • Para que Roderika se convierta en una Afinadora de espíritus debes hablar de ella con el Maestro herrero Hewg y después decirle a Roderika lo que este ha dicho sobre su don. A continuación, convence a Hewg de que Roderika quiere aprender más sobre su don.
    • Si no te topaste con Roderika en la Cabaña en Colina Tormentosa, elige la opción de diálogo "Por favor" para recibir la Ceniza de espíritu de medusa.
  • Tras seguir estos pasos, viaja a cualquier parte y vuelve a Mesa Redonda en cualquier momento para encontrar a Roderika en la misma estancia que el Maestro herrero Hewg, sentada en el suelo, junto a la pared izquierda.
  • Para avanzar en la misión, habla con Roderika para que a partir de ese momento ya pueda mejorar las invocaciones de Cenizas de espíritus, siempre y cuando tengas los materiales necesarios y las runa correspondientes como pago.
  • La Capucha carmesí que llevaba puesta Roderika se puede conseguir en el mismo lugar en el que obtuviste el Recuerdo de las crisálidas si vuelves más tarde tras haber completado su cadena de misiones.
  • Si viajas a Mesa Redonda tras prender fuego al Árbol Áureo, te la encontrarás junto a la chimenea y te pedirá que hables con el Maestro herrero Hewg y le convenzas para que abandone el lugar.


Roderika: Diálogos

Consejo: Habla con ella varias veces la primera vez que te la encuentres en la Cabaña en Colina Tormentosa para que te entregue la Ceniza de espíritu de medusa.


  • "Everyone's...been grafted. Everyone who came with me.
    They crossed the sea for me. They fought, for me.

    Heh... Only to have their arms taken. Their legs taken.
    Even their heads...taken.
    Taken and stuck to the spider.
    Did you know? If you're grafted by the spider, you become a chrysalid.
    It's quite the lark, when you think about it."

When visiting at Stormhill Shack

  • "You're all on your own, are you? And heading to Stormveil Castle?
    Enticed by the one in the white mask, I suppose.
    Oh, you've come to be one with the spider?

    Well, that makes us two peas in a pod. But I don't have your courage.
    It's scary, you know. Having your arms cut off. Or legs. Or your head.
    I want to be like everyone else, but I'm just too scared.
    I'm nothing but a craven."
  • "It was a pleasure to see you.
    Oh, can you pass on a message for me, if you see the little chrysalids in Stormveil Castle?
    Tell them I love them. And that, despite my craven heart, I'm sure I'll be joining their club soon enough.
    I'm finally getting the hang of this whole "pain" thing, you know."
  • "Oh, I know. Can you take this little one along with you?"
    [Te entrega la Ceniza de espíritu de medusa]
    "The poor thing deserves someone braver than myself...
    And the spirits look rather fondly upon you.
    It'll be glad of your company, I think, the little'un".
  • "A pleasure to see you.
    Did you give the little chrysalids the message?
    That I love them. And that, despite my craven heart, I'm sure I'll be joining their club soon enough".

Upon receiving Chrysalids' Memento

  • "What's this? A keepsake? From my men?
    Oh, goodness me... I can't... They all...believed in me.
    They all thought I'd make something of myself. Me! Who can't do anything...
    I think I'll head to the Roundtable Hold. Perhaps I'll find my purpose there".

Upon attacking / rolling / jumping

  • "You're willing to make me a chrysalid? Ah, but I'm still a milksop craven... I can't even govern myself to step beyond the bounds of this ward. Please. You're only wasting your strength."
  • "I know you you must feel. But please, I'm not ready. Or are you like me? You're so far out of your mind with fear? You've divested yourself of all reason?"
  • "Please stop. Even if you persist, your fear will not abate."

At Roundtable Hold

  • "Greetings. Nice to see you again.
    My name is Roderika. I should have told you sooner. Isn't this place impressive, though?
    The Roundtable Hold, covert quarters of the Two Fingers, and gathering place of champions who vie to become Elden Lord.
    I never knew the guidance bestowed upon us Tarnished had such fantastic roots.
    Although, it's all a bit much for me, in truth. I'm still looking for my own purpose".
  • "Oh, and... Please, allow to me to express my thanks. For giving me that keepsake from my men.
    It was as if I was frozen with self-pity. I failed them at every turn. You have my gratitude.
    Please, take this".
    [Te entrega Semilla dorada x1]
  • It's all a bit much for me, in truth.
    I'm still looking for my own purpose.

After asking Smithing Master Hewg about her

  • "You're telling me I possess some kind of gift? I don't believe you. But...
    If I do have this talent, and goodness knows it would be my first...
    I suppose I should try to hone it. Shouldn't I? I'll ask Master Hewg to teach me.
    Certainly, he does appear intimidating, and holds no love for us Tarnished...
    But I know he's trapped here, at the Roundtable Hold... So...
    I can tell. He's a gentle soul, underneath it all".
  • "If I do have a talent for spirit tuning, and goodness knows that would be a surprise...
    I suppose I should try to hone it. Shouldn't I? I'll ask Master Hewg to teach me".

Next visit after asking Smithing Master Hewg to take care of her

  • "Good to see you again. Thank you very much!
    I have you to thank, don't I? For persuading Master Hewg?
    I can happily announce that he has taught me the noble toil of spirit tuning.
    I'm as yet unsure of what I might be able to accomplish, but if I might be any help to you all, I'd certainly like to try.
    And if there's an chance to ease the suffering of my dear men who were grafted..
    Well, I certainly must try.
    Roderika the spirit tuner prentice. Pleased to make your acquaintance".

After a certain amount of Spirit Tuning

  • "I feel like I'm really coming to grips with spirit tuning of late.
    I can understand their yearnings, what they become drawn to...
    Master Hewg said it himself, actually, that I'm no mere prentice any longer
    Once again, I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. Roderika the certified spirit tuner".

When visiting at Roundtable Hold

  • "Greetings. Are you here for spirit tuning?"

After burning the Erdtree

  • "Take a look around. The Roundtable Hold is burned. Razed to the ground.
    Don't worry, I don't blame you. I'll continue sprit tuning just the same as before.
    Which is why I need your help persuading Master Hewg to leave.
    His roots are so knotted in this place. He won't last much longer if he stays here...
    His shackles are broken. He's a free man, now. 
    It's high time he put the Roundtable behind him"

Next visit after speaking to Smithing Master Hewg

  • "So Master Hewg won't listen to you, either.
    You have my thanks, regardless.I'll try and talk him round next time.
    I know he was given this great entreaty; to craft a weapon which could slay a god.
    Though I can't help but think of it as a curse. A fearsome curse, put on him by Queen Marika.
    And if that's the case, I'm not sure there's anything we can do"


  • There's something you should know
    • "I can hear it from across the wing, past the roundtable ...The howling and wailing of spirits in fear of the curse. I can ever hear the repulsive, twisted malison itself. You should keep your distance, I know you're strong, but please."


Roderika: Notas y curiosidades

  • Incluso si no coges el Recuerdo de las crisálidas es posible completar su cadena de misiones sin problema. Simplemente sigue el resto de pasos de la cadena de forma normal. Si por cualquier motivo no aparece en Mesa Redonda vuelve de vez en cuando a la Cabaña en Colina Tormentosa para comprobar si está allí. Si ya no está, podrás forzar el progreso de la misión sin necesidad del Recuerdo de las crisálidas.
  • Cuando hayas mejorado un número indeterminado de Cenizas de espíritus, te dirá que ya no es una aprendiz y aprenderás el gesto Curtsy.
  • Si intentas atacarla, rodar o saltar hacia ella la primera vez que la encuentras, una barrera de energía dorada aparecerá y la protegerá.

Roderika: Galería de imágenes 

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