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Ubicación Mesa Redonda
Rol Lectora de Dedos
Interpretada por  Souad Faress

Enia o la Lectora de Dedos Enia, es uno de los PNJs de Elden Ring. Se trata de una mujer muy anciana que carga con un palo enorme. Se la conoce como la Lectora de Dedos y te ayudará a desentrañar el poder que contienen los recuerdos de los dioses. Enia es distinta al resto de Lectoras de Dedos sin nombre que te encontrarás repartidas por el juego. Da la sensación de que te conoce, pero como Lectora de Dedos, su interés se centra en leer lo que hay escrito en tus dedos. También hace las veces de intérprete de los Dedos, emisarios de la Voluntad Mayor.


The Fingers guide us all. And you Tarnished, you are here to take, are you not?


Enia: Ubicación

Se encuentra en Mesa Redonda y actúa como mercader. La verás en la estancia de los Dos Dedos, a la que podrás acceder tras derrotar a un Portador de las esquirlas.

  • Este PNJ no cambia de sitio. 
  • NO se puede combatir contra ella.

Enia: Objetos a la venta (Equipamiento de campeones)

Enia: Objetos a la venta (Poderes del recuerdo)

Puedes extraer poderes heroicos de los recuerdos. Ten en cuenta que cada recuerdo proporciona un único poder. Una vez reclamado dicho poder, el recuerdo se perderá. Los recuerdos se pueden duplicar en los Mausoleos Errantes, pero solo se pueden utilizar una vez y un recuerdo cada vez. Mediante este método podrás obtener ambos poderes de un mismo recuerdo durante la misma partida.

Recuerdo Poder runes currency elden ring wiki guide 18Valor de compra
Recuerdo del Injertado

Hacha de Godrick

Dragón injertado



Recuerdo de la Reina de la Luna Llena


Cetro regio cariano

Luna Llena de Rennala


Recuerdo del Azote de las Estrellas

Espadón del Azote de las Estrellas

Arco grande de león



Recuerdo del Rey de los Augurios

Morgott's Cursed Sword

Regal Omen Bairn



Recuerdo del Blasfemo

Rykard's Rancor

Hoja Blasfema



Recuerdo de la Diosa de la Putrefacción

Scarlet Aeonia

Hand of Malenia 



Recuerdo del Innato 

Bastard's Stars

Ash of War: Waves of Darkness



Enia: Cadena de misiones

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Enia: Diálogos

Roundtable Hold

  • "Are you the new Tarnished? You've done well. I am Enia, the Finger Reader".
  • "I interpret the words of the Fingers, envoys to the Greater Will".
  • "Look there. The Fingers tremble. To welcome you, shardbearer. Let their wisdom wash over you. "Great Elden Ring, root of the Golden Order. Anchor of all lands, giver of grave, wellspring of all joy. Until it was shattered. The tragic corruption of the Order has taken its toll. Across the realm, life lies in ruin. Fallen to pieces. Foul curses and misery spread, unabating. But the Greater Will has not abandoned the realm, nor the life that inhabits it. So it is that the Tarnished are guided by grace. Called to act. Brave Tarnished, your Great Rune is a handsome  shard of the Elden Ring. Seek another of its kind. To become Elden Lord, and restore the Golden Order". Let the words of the Fingers guide you".

When visiting after obtaining a Remembrance

  • "Well, well...I see...A remembrance of gold has found its way into your possession. Demigods, and even the greater of the champions, are hewn by the Erdtree upon their end, into remembrances. They are...valuable indeed. These remembrances yet house the power of their former masters. And should you wish to wield that same power, well... I will lend you the strength of the Fingers. Heh... Do not recoil from my offer. The Fingers guide us all. And you Tarnished, you are here to take, are you not?"

When asked about Great Runes

  • "Ahh, Great Runes are the stuff of demigods: the children of the goddess, Queen Marika. She who is vessel of the Elden Ring. Tainted by the strength of their runes, her children warred, but none could become Elden Lord. And so grace was extended, to your kind, the Tarnished".
  • "Listen, the Fingers speak. "The Greater Will has long renounced the demigods. Tarnished, show no mercy. Have their heads. Take all they have left." ...Indeed. But remember one thing. The demigods are each and all the direct offspring of Queen Marika. Godrick the Grafted was but a distant relation... The runt of the litter, his divine blood sorely diluted".

When returning

  • "I had my doubts, but...my, look at you. Only once before have I seen two Great Runes together.
    Look there. The Fingers shudder with exuberance.
    "Fine work, brave Tarnished. The Greater Will is pleased. You have earned the right to become Elden Lord.
    Now, seek the Erdtree, and an audience with Queen Marika. To become Elden Lord, and restore the Golden Order."
    The Fingers expect... As much from you as they do young Gideon.
    Take this. A token of farewell.
    [Te entrega Bolsa para talismán]
    Now, go forth. Become Elden Lord."

When asked about Queen Marika

  • "Queen Marika is the vessel of the Elden Ring, carrier of its vision.
    A god, in truth. But after the Elden Ring's shattering, she was imprisoned in the Erdtree.
    A grim punishment for shattering the Order, despite her godhood. The Fingers speak...
    "Marika's trespass demanded a heavy sentence. But even in shackles, she remains a god, and the vision's vessel.
    Confer Great Runes to become Elden Lord, and join Queen Marika as her consort. The Fingers have willed it so"
    Now, you may go."

When visiting after obtaining the Rold Medallion

  • "Well, you managed to return.
    You know what this means. The Erdtree has spurned you.
    The Fingers remain still.
    Shaken by this turn of events, they are busy consulting the Greater Will.
    When they are finished, the Fingers will once again offer their guidance.
    But thousands, if not tens of thousands, of moons must first pass.
    No matter for me. But you? How will you ever manage the wait...
    My, oh, my..."

Small Talk

  • ??


  • "Now, go forth. Let the words of the Fingers guide you".
  • ??


Enia: Notas y curiosidades

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